1. untenableness, inconclusiveness, unscientificness; illogicalness, illogicality, irrelevance, unreasonableness, senselessness, irrationality, incoherence, absurdity; falseness, falsity, fallacy, fallaciousness, erroneousness; speciousness, sophism, Logic. paralogism, elenchus, false refutation, perversion; inconsistency, incongruity, disparity; contradiction, antilogy.
2. weakness, weak point, ineffectualness, inefficacy; powerlessness, impotence, vulnerability; unconvincingness, lameness, vagueness, obscurity, flimsiness; futility, uselessness, nugacity, worthlessness; insipidness, pointlessness, vapidity; attenuation, dilution, indecisiveness, hesitancy, vacillation.
3. voidness, nullity, emptiness, invalidation. See invalidation(defs.3-5).

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